Family time in Amsterdam!

Where do I even begin?

Amsterdam is one of those cities that just pulls you right in, in the best way. It's incredibly friendly, there's a ton to see, it's yummy as hell and super photogenic!

From my experience of visiting Amsterdam and other nearby cities more than once, Dutch people are easily some of the friendliest people I've ever met. I've found that (for the most part) the locals really know how to live in the moment and are much less judgmental and materialistic than what I'm used to in Montreal. It's very refreshing! I could be wrong, but this is just the impression I got.

So, the reason I was in Amsterdam was because my brother, who moved to Dubai for work back in September, had a week off and wanted a change of scenery and to see some family. Instead of flying all the way to Dubai (which we will probably do anyway this year!), we met up halfway in Amsterdam. An added bonus was that my cousin lives there, so we got to hang out with her too! I was so excited to be back and even more excited to show my mom and brother a city I got to know pretty well from walking around and exploring for ten days last May. Everything felt so familiar and it was a great feeling!

If you asked me what we did specifically every day, I wouldn't be able to tell you - but in a good way. The week flew by and, to sum it up, we walked a lot, ate a lot and laughed a lot. 

Enjoy the photos! x