A Blissful Week in Tulum

Literally a day and a half after I got back from The Netherlands, I set off for Tulum with my boyfriend for one week of beach, ocean and a no-work zone. It was our first vacation in a while and we were in serious need of some quality time. Tulum was absolutely beautiful! To be honest, we didn't venture out of our resort too much except to see the ruins, and we even cut that short because it was just way too hot. I would recommend visiting the ruins very early in the morning before the mass of tourists flood in and before it gets unbearably hot. We're usually more adventurous, but sometimes you just need a week of beach-bumming.

The Catalonia Royal Tulum was fantastic and felt like a dream the whole time, not to mention there were wild animals constantly running around so I was in heaven! The food was amazing and the fruit (specifically the mangos) were so incredibly fresh that I was eating three a day! 

I couldn't have asked for a better week in paradise with my favourite human, and I may be back soon enough! Enjoy the photos! :)