Sal Secret Spot

Although Bali in general didn't win me over, there were some areas that I visited which I really loved. Uluwatu was one of those places. It was so quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of Seminyak; I felt completely secluded. No loud motorcycles whipping by every few seconds and very few cars. It was a nice change.

Sal Secret Spot felt like what I've always envisioned an oasis to look like - draped in palm trees, a turquoise body of water, endless amounts of tropical fruit, beautifully embroidered sun umbrellas and white stone blanketing the ground. I wish I had had more than two days there because it truly was not enough time to fully take in my surroundings. Can I also just say that breakfast was SO good! Home-made banana pancakes with a side of fresh fruit (pink dragon fruit, papaya, pineapple, mango and banana) and freshly-squeezed juice. OH, and Nutella.

Sal has only 14 rooms so it's very cozy, never feels overcrowded and you're never looking for a free spot by the pool. The staff there was super friendly, accommodating and somehow always knew exactly what music to play when people were lounging! Lots of Bob Marley was listened to and I was not mad about it!

About a 5-10 minute walk from Sal is Bingin Beach, a surfer's paradise. I've never been surfing before and, although it's so high on my bucket list, this definitely isn't the place for beginners. The waves were pretty big and I realized that I had never actually watched anyone surf before. It was awesome! Right above the main part of the beach is Single Fin, a local hang-out/restaurant with super delicious food (including Nalu Bowls - if you know, you know) and sweeping views of the ocean. Some of your dinner neighbours might include the local monkeys so beware of anything lying on the table - they WILL take/eat anything and everything! Lastly, I recommend going at sunset because it will most definitely be epic.

That about sums up Uluwatu. Enjoy the photos! x