What Made My Heart Sing in Portugal

Location: Lisbon

Fun Fact: Belém Tower was once used as a political prison

during the Liberal Wars of the 19th century.

Hey guys! So I know I already wrote a crazy long post on my trip to Portugal, but I just felt like I should write a separate post highlighting my absolute favourite part of that trip, so here it is!

What I loved most from this trip was definitely exploring Lisbon and its surroundings. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s just something light and magical about it. I think it’s a combination of the architecture, the genuine kindness of the people, the colours and the overall ambience/liveliness and old feel of the city. I totally fell in love with it and I definitely felt something special when I was there!

We only had two days to explore Lisbon and although we packed in as much as we could, I still feel like we only just scratched the surface. I loved wandering aimlessly through the city, hitting up Time Out Market which was insane (in the best way), grabbing an ice-cream just because and popping into every shop I deemed “cute”.

I remember being on our walking tour, slowly making our way up the steep streets of Alfama and just being in complete awe of my surroundings! I think the time of day added to the magic as well because it was golden hour and the light filtering into the streets was just beautiful! I also loved hearing all of the city’s sounds like the trams going up and down both sides of the streets, the tuk-tuks bustling by and the sound of street performers playing in the distance. I really could go on and on about how much I fell I love with this city, but I’ll let the photos do that instead :).




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