Since I had two days off from Cheetah Experience (which I'll write about in another post), two friends and I took a 5-hour road trip through Lesotho, a country completely landlocked by South Africa.
 We drove five hours into this country to get to a tiny, little place called Semonkong ("Place of Smoke"). Pretty sure I was able to count how many tourists there were on one hand!  
 Semonkong was easily one of the most stunning, surreal, and untouched places I had ever seen in my life. It didn't feel real being there. We were completely surrounded  by rolling, green mountains, and they went on as far as the eye could see! The main reason we went was to abseil down the Maletsunyane Falls. It's one of the tallest waterfalls in the world, and at 630 ft., it's kinda scary. Our first day was learning how to actually use the equipment, and we abseiled down a 25m cliff, which seemed really high at the time.
 On day two, we took a minivan to our starting point - the top of the falls. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with a fear of heights, it's a pretty big drop. The whole thing only takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on how fast you go. At the beginning, I looked down and thought to myself how crazy this was and that I wouldn't make it, but once I started, it was easy enough. 
 About half way through, I started to get splashed by the waterfall, and literally a second later I was completely soaked! And let me tell ya, the water was COLD! I had another few minutes to go at this point, and once I reached the bottom, someone was there to guide me to a dry patch where I could watch my friends make the journey down. One of the best parts of this was that as I was going down, I looked around me and there was this massive rainbow going over the waterfall and valley. It was absolutely stunning!
 This whole place was just generally breathtaking and truly a hidden gem.
 The drive back to Cheetah Experience (in South Africa) was so beautiful because we were literally driving into the sunset. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you, Lesotho!   (P.S. If any of you happen to venture down to Lesotho, we stayed at the Semonkong Lodge. The rooms are made to look like the traditional huts the locals live in, but with Wifi and electricity/plumbing!)
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