My Go-To Cruelty-Free Brands

Hey guys!

Today’s post is all about my favourite cruelty-free brands and why being cruelty-free is so important to me. I also just want to say that nothing in this post is sponsored, they’re just brands I genuinely love!

Most of you know how freaking obsessed I am with animals. If I see a (stray) dog or cat on the street, you can bet that I’m going to try and pet it. I’ve befriended squirrels, raccoons, and have four neighbourhood cats and three squirrels that pass by my house on a daily basis for food and cuddles! It’s gotten so wild that my friends have started calling me ‘Snow White’! Best compliment ever, by the way.

ANYWAY. Becoming a vegan or vegetarian can be incredibly difficult, even when you care so deeply about animals. No, I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but I’ve reduced the amount of meat I consume to once a month and try and do my part in other ways, such as going cruelty-free/vegan for skincare, cosmetics and clothing.

If you guys are interested in learning everything you need to know about being cruelty-free and which brands are and aren’t, head over to Cruelty-Free Kitty. I’ve been using Suzi’s website as a guide for years!

Here is my list of cruelty-free/vegan brands that I absolutely love:


Pai Skincare - I started using Pai exactly a year ago and they have quickly become one of my favourite brands. What I love about Pai is that they never test on animals, use only sustainable plant ingredients, and they only use recyclable/biodegradable packaging. For anyone with sensitive skin like me, this brand is your saviour!

Fave products:

Tip: You can ask them to send you free samples that ship for free to test them out before committing to the brand.

Frank Body - I love this Australian brand for so many reasons. They’re fun, ethical, their packaging rocks and they are affordable. If you’re looking for the best ever coffee scrub, look no further! Honestly, they are the best of the best in this category. I’ve tried so many different brands and none leave my skin feeling like Frank!

Fave products:

  • Their Coconut Coffee Scrub is literally LIFE and I can’t stop touching my skin after.

  • Their classic Lip Balm is 12/10. I’ve tried SO many lip balms and nothing compares, not even EOS or Glossier, although theirs comes in second for me.

  • Their body cream is one of the best. Super creamy, hydrating and smells like cake!

Lush - Reasons why this brand is one of my all-time favourites:

  • their products are hand-made

  • their ingredients are extremely fresh which is why their products have expiry dates

  • they’re 100% vegetarian (+ more than 80% of their products are vegan)

  • they believe in ethical buying (ingredients are traced from planting to processing)

  • they have a huge selection of products that are packaging-free to reduce waste

  • they have been fighting animal testing for decades

Fave products:

  • Cosmetic Lad - I used this one for a couple years. It’s amazing for sensitive skin.

  • Sleepy - Nothing beats this body cream. Sleepy provides SO much moisture which is great during the dry winter months and smells of lavender. I’ve never had a cream that keeps my skin moisturized for so long!

  • Christingle - After you’ve lathered up and rinsed off, rub Christingle all over your body to feel a cool and tingly sensation and a really hydrating feel. The fresh and cool sensation is from the blue peppermint and menthol so make sure you don’t get any in your eyes because it will burn!

  • Rosy Cheeks - I’ve been using this mask for years. I love how creamy the texture is and how even it leaves me skin after rinsing it off. Also, for every five empty containers you return to Lush, you get a free mask! Woo!

Glossier - I’m so glad I discovered Glossier. I mean, it wasn’t that hard seeing as their social media presence is huge and they are just EVERYWHERE. This brand is real, raw and not afraid to be different.

Fave products:

  • Super Bounce - I was genuinely sad when my bottle ran out. I looooved the way this serum felt on my skin and really looked forward to every morning when I could apply it! It left my skin feeling super smooth and evened out my skin tone.

Thayers - A few years ago on one of my photoshoots, I was talking about skincare with my makeup artist and she mentioned how amazing Thayers was for sensitive skin, so I gave it a shot. Since then it’s been the only toner I use and I love it! They have so many different types of toners and some come in travel sizes as well. YAS.

Fave product:

Witch Hazel Toner (Rose Petal) - I’ve been using this 1-2 times a day for the last three years and I honestly love it. It’s like a little treat for my skin after I wash it and it smells so dang good! It’s alchohol-free, very budget-friendly, lasts more than six months and is available on Amazon Canada for my Canadian readers!

Youth to the People - I love this brand because they combine science and superfoods to create their awesome products. Their packaging is minimal and their ingredients are all 100% vegan. My kinda brand!

Fave product:

  • Superfood Cleanser - I’ve been using this cleanser for the last six months and I love it. It has such a refreshing scent and feels so nice and gentle on my skin and I’m left feeling super-duper revitalized! P.S. This product is sold at Sephora



Fave products:

  • Cloud Paint - This is hands down the best blush I’ve ever used. It’s in liquid form, so super buildable, and blends so perfectly with your skin it leaves you looking like you have a natural glow. I use Beam during the summer and fall, and Storm and Haze during the winter and spring. You need a very tiny amount so this products lasts a loooooong time.

  • Stretch Concealer - I don’t really wear much makeup, and to be honest, this was my first ever concealer. I’ve just always noticed how cake-y and obvious it looks. I decided to try this out because I wanted something that brightened up my eyes on days I looked exhausted. I really love this product. It’s goes on like butter and really does the job, leaving my under-eyes looking dewy and not like I only had four hours of sleep.

  • Boy Brow - Might as well just accept the fact that I have wild brows. This really helped tame them and I don’t usually leave the house without giving the ol’ brows a nice swipe or two!

Tarte - I switched over to Tarte from MAC because MAC still tests on animals where the law requires it to, aka China. Womp Womp.

Fave product:

  • Tarteist - I absolutely swear by this mascara. I much prefer it to Better Than Sex by Too Faced which I know many people love. I just think it’s an all-around superior mascara. Also, I get asked on a daily basis whether or not my lashes are real, so that’s something! P.S. This product is sold at Sephora.

Too Faced - I discovered Too Faced a few years ago when I switched over from Benefit because unfortunately, they also test on animals where it is required by law. *Cough* China *Cough*.

Fave product:

  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - I don’t wear it every day, mostly because I work from home and don’t need to look cute for anyone, but I love it when I do. It gives me a nice glow while evening out my skin tone, it’s vegan, it smells like chocolate (excuse me while I go and salivate) and it really does last all day. I’ve been using this bronzer for about three years now and there’s no end in sight!


Noize - Each year, over 50 million animals are violently killed for their fur. This is a big one for me. I used to wear my Canada Goose jacket and not give it a second thought. A few years ago, some videos came out showing how coyotes are brutally killed for the fur used for CG hoods and it got me thinking. How, as an animal lover, can I support this disgusting industry? I did some research and found this wonderful local brand called Noize.

They’ve been in business since 1978 and make 100% vegan jackets:

  • no leather

  • no fur

  • no down

  • no animal by-products

They are also about 1/4 (sometimes more) of the price of Canada Goose or Moose Knuckles jackets. I was honestly surprised by how warm they keep me during winter and would not have been able to tell the difference between synthetic or real down. This was the easiest switch I ever made and I will never not wear a vegan jacket again.

Matt & Nat - I first heard of Matt & Nat back in 2008 and they were one of the first 100% vegan bag companies I had ever heard of. Their designs are minimal, functional, great quality and affordable!

Reasons why I love them:

  • they are 100% vegan

  • they are sustainable + eco-freindly

  • their motto is “live beautifully”

  • they are from my hometown, Montreal

  • they experiment with different recycled materials such as bicycle tires, recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber + cork

  • since 2007, they’ve committed to using linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles

So that’s pretty much it - hope this post helps!

Have a great rest of the week!