Quick Winter Escape!

Location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Fun Fact: The Punta Cana we know and love is only about 45 years old. It was developed in the late 60s and is now in the top 100 most visited places in the world


Just over a month ago I was lucky enough to escape the absolutely ridiculous cold temperatures of Montreal (I'm talking -30°C here) and spend three days in one of my favourite beach destinations: Punta Cana! Myself and seven other content creators were hosted by Club Med Punta Cana and it was one hell of an activity-packed trip!

The main reason we were invited was to experience the resort's new circus-inspired playground called CREACTIVE. There were so many activities in this part of the resort, from the flying trapeze, to the tightrope, to juggling and more. I've always loved the circus so this was super exciting for me!

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, it was non-stop fun. We spent a morning at archery (which I loved and was very nostalgic for me since I did a lot of it at camp as a child), we learned how to use the trapeze, we had beach-side massages and went kayaking (one of my favourite things). We also spent one afternoon on a private boat with music blasting, food to go around and some snorkelling where I saw a bunch of sea urchin and super colourful fish! This was definitely one of the highlights for me. There wasn't a dull moment the entire four days and I was so grateful to be there.

We stayed in their new adult-only section called Zen Oasis, which was actually quite nice because the rest of the resort is packed with families. I'm usually okay with staying at kid-friendly resorts, but it was next-level busy and I was happy for the quiet seclusion of the Zen Oasis. Not to mention our area had its own private pool and section of the beach which I did not complain about!

Although this trip was sponsored, I like to remain completely transparent with my review, no matter what. There were a couple of downsides for me about this resort:

1. It's not eco-friendly. 

2. The food is very average.

3. There is no beach service. 

Apart from that, it was a great trip! Everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming and I highly recommend it for families because there are A TON of activities to keep your children busy with. It's also a great way for them to socialize with other kids from all over the world! 

Hope you enjoy the photos! Feel free to comment or e-mail me any questions you may have about this resort!


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