"I'm from Bruuuuge. That's in Belgium. That's where Daddy's from."

Can you guess the quote? :)


If you need to pick just one reason to go to Bruges, it's the chocolate. I was only there for a day (hopped over from Amsterdam), but I managed to buy two pounds-worth of chocolate and Belgian waffles. Can you blame me? Another reason to visit Bruges is the fact that everything is so rustic and charming, you feel like you're in a fairytale. Literally all of my photos from that day look like postcards. Maybe I should actually turn them into some!

It was a three-hour bus ride from Amsterdam to Bruges and, since I was running late that morning, I didn't have a chance to get breakfast, so I was starving by the time we got to Bruges. Luckily, the first thing I saw when I stepped off the bus was a waffle cart! Trying Belgian waffles was right at the top of my list, so naturally I got one with Nutella and WOW. It was the best waffle I've ever had in my life. I'm not kidding. I still think about it. 

I had about five hours to myself before I had to head back to the bus, so I spent my day walking around the city centre and getting lost on quiet side streets, away from the packs of tourists. I walked all around the city centre, but stuck mostly to the smaller streets that were lined with cafés and chocolate shops. It was pretty much the closest thing you could get to heaven. I tried and bought so many different types of chocolates and honestly had a really rough time figuring out how and if I was going to give any to my friends and family. I'm mostly kidding! Mostly.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!