Starting Off Bali in the Jungle

After 28 hours of flying, awkwardly napping in airport chairs and snacking on Pringles, we finally made it to Bali. Ubud was the first stop on our three-week trip and we were graciously hosted by the Desa Visesa Ubud. What a DREAM this place was! Not only was the staff incredibly friendly and accommodating, but we were even upgraded to a villa with a private pool! No complaints here!  

The Desa Visesa is massive! Whether we were eating, exploring the grounds or working out, we were always surrounded by lush rice terraces and greenery. Being surrounded by nature like that always does so much good for my soul. I always feel more connected with my surroundings and at peace when I'm in those types of environments. Maybe a tad less so at 40 degrees but you get the idea!

I think one of my favourite parts about the Desa Visesa was their breakfast. If you know me, you know that breakfast is one of my absolute favourite things and that I can't start my day without it. As much as I'm a morning person, don't bother talking to me before I've eaten something (maybe I should keep food next to my bed? Thoughts?). Their breakfast layout was one of the best I've ever seen. From fresh mangosteen (which I had never tried until then), passionfruit and papaya, to different types of breads and cheeses, to an array of colourful traditional Indonesian dishes to their homemade waffles, I was pretty disappointed we only had two mornings there because there was no way I was able to try everything! You definitely need to taste the waffles if you plan on staying there. They are home-made and that should be enough reason for you because I'm currently salivating at the very thought of them. 

We had such a wonderful stay and were spoiled rotten! My only complaint is that we didn't give ourselves enough time here to explore more and enjoy the resort. I could have easily settled in for a week or four! 

Enjoy the photos!